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Cantu Shea Butter No Drip Hair & Scalp Oil is made with pure Shea oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil to replace vital oil in your hair leaving it stronger and healthier with a natural shine while conditioning your scalp. Cantu Shea Butter No Drip Hair & Scalp Oil is for daily use on any type of hair, wet or dry.

No Drip Hair & Scalp Oil helps...

  • Moisturize dry, brittle hair with deep penetrating oil & emollients form a thermal barrier to prevent dryness and split ends.


  • Protect hair against heat and sun damage.Repair split ends and stop breakage. To use: Cut off the end of nozzle tip with scissors to enjoy product.
  • Daily styling--Massage a small amount into hair beginning at the roots to the ends. Comb through for even distribution. Do not rinse. Apply more to longer hair at the ends or problem areas.
  • Scalp Conditioner--Part hair into sections, revealing the scalp. Massage into scalp and hair 1-4 times a day. Do not rinse. Style as usual.


  • Hot Oil Treatment--Apply as directed for "Daily Styling." Roll, dry, or press section by section, to temporarily loosen or smooth resistant curls or stubborn waves.


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