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Made with natural ingredients, Beard Guyz® Moustache Wax provides a strong and healthy hold for any style. Better yet, our Moustache Wax contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that we call Grotein. Just like a protein shake helps provide your muscles with the right nutrients to grow, our Grotein formula helps promote a thicker, fuller moustache and beard.


Scent: Citrus



Weight: Net Wt. 1 Oz. (28 g)


CautionThis product contains nut-related ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Keep away from heat or open flames. 

DirectionsUsing the guitar pick provided, scrape the desired amount from the tin and rub between your fingertips to melt the butters and wax for easier application. Once the wax softens, apply and style as you desire. The tin is small enough to keep in your pocket for on-the-go styling. (Just remember to throw the pick in the tin so you don’t lose it!) Remember, this is a wax. If warm enough the product will melt, so be mindful of where you store it.


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